Commencement Photos

More than 800 students earned their bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees this week as Drexel Engineering celebrated the Class of 2022.

In a ceremony for College of Engineering graduates on Wednesday, June 8 at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Moogega Cooper, PhD, a planetary protection engineer with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and avid science educator, received an honorary degree and delivered inspiring words to the class.

“I see a better world in you and your peers in terms of vision, inclusiveness, sustainability, and fixing many of the mistakes left at your feet by the last generation,” Cooper said. “Let’s continue to tackle each challenge with the bigger picture in mind. It is up to you to carry the torch to make sure that our blip on the cosmic calendar grows into hours and days. Keep pushing forward, onward, and upward.”

Celine Khoo, who earned a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, master’s in electrical and telecommunications engineering and a graduate certificate in systems design and development, told the class that their decision to attend Drexel had prepared them for anything.

“We did not take the path of least resistance,” she said. “It has been a humbling experience to say the least, and in the spirit of Philadelphia, something that has made us all a little grittier. The past few years have shown us that the world and even our beloved field of engineering, can be harsh. I would like to challenge all of us to rebel against that a little, to be radically kind, to each other, and to ourselves.”

Luis Rebollar, who earned his doctoral degree with a focus on energy storage, likewise challenged the class to do great things.

“Starting today, we have the chance to make our mark,” he said. “Be bold, be determined, and dare to drive change. I challenge you to make the next 5-10 years better than the last. And if the going gets rough, you can think back on this time to remind yourself that you can be resilient.”

Dean Sharon L. Walker, PhD, also charged graduates with using their talents to improve the world.

“Be mindful of the talent you possess, and to take advantage of the incredible opportunity you have to make a positive impact on our world,” she said. “Each of you has something special to offer the world, and with your knowledge, skills and perseverance, I am certain you will engineer a better future for us all.”

The College of Engineering joined the rest of the Drexel community in celebrating commencement in a University-wide ceremony on Thursday, June 9, at Citizens Bank Park.