Engineering Change

The rapid advances and evolving challenges in our world necessitate engineers who can think broadly, adjust quickly and act decisively. That’s why the focus at Drexel University College of Engineering is to engineer change — in our research and in students’ lives and their careers – by emphasizing a balance of theory and experience.

Resource Stewardship and Sustainability

Keeping Their Cool

In one of Philadelphia’s hottest neighborhoods, a Drexel-led project is seeking sustainable cooling solutions.

Health, Wellness and Medicine

Mad for MXenes

Tiny two-dimensional materials discovered at Drexel have pushing engineers and scientists to reimagine the possible for a decade.

Smart Cities and Integration

Charging Ahead for Infrastructure

Using passive monitoring, a Drexel expert helps others keep track of the health of roads, bridges and more.

Renewable Energy and Power

Electric Avenue

Wireless charging has become commonplace for our phones. But a Drexel researcher Fei Lu is working to make it safer and more efficient for the future of transportation.